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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL)

Recurrent pregnancy loss is a condition when a woman has 2 or more consecutive miscarriages before 20weeks of gestation

What are the causes of RPL?

The causes of RPL can be many. Genetic/chromosomal abnormalities, congenital anomalies of the uterus, immune causes, endocrine disturbances,etc

How to diagnose the cause for RPL?

The cause for RPL can be determined after thorough history of the couple, examination, scans (USG, HSG, MRI), blood investigations, hysteroscopy. These blood tests include genetic studies and various other tests. Only upon complete evaluation, we can come to a conclusion on the cause. Sometimes, the cause can be unknown.

What is the treatment for RPL?

If we know the cause of RPL, that can be treated directly. But, in many cases this is not the case. Then the treatment has to be personalised. This can involve ART like IVF/ICSI and PGS/PGD, ERA, immunotherapy.
The results for RPL cases with ART are promising. It is important for such as couple to approach the fertility consultant and properly evaluate the underlying cause and look for right treatment options.

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