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Our Doctor

Dr. Nischala Reddy Cheruku

Dr. Nischala Reddy is a well known Infertility consultant and Gynaecologist. Having worked in various fertility hospitals across the country, Dr. Nischala founded Ekam fertility and women in Hyderabad, with the aim to provide state-of-the-art fertility services in an ethical and compassionate environment.

Dr. Nischala has a strong reputation for her patient-friendly approach, personalized attention to all patients coupled with standard evidence based treatments to give the highest success rates.

Educational qualifications:

The Ekam Vision

Provide world class fertility treatments

Journey to parenthood via fertility treatments can be an emotional and financial strain on families. 

Getting access to trustworthy and quality treatment is often challenging. 

We at Ekam aim to make this possible and accessible to everyone at affordable prices and in a caring environment.

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Infertility Treatments



IUI is a procedure in which a highly motile semen sample is placed into the uterus, as close to tubes as possible. This increases the chances of pregnancy. Sperms swim from the uterus to the tubes nearby and meet the egg in the tube to fertilize for a pregnancy.
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IVF is a procedure where egg and sperm meet / fertilize outside the human body in a lab to embryo. This embryo is placed back into the women’s uterus to result in pregnancy and grow into a body
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This involves testing the embryos prior to implantation for any genetic defects.
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Endometriosis is a painful condition where the inner uterine lining or the endometrium is present outside the Uterus where it does’nt belong, such as in the ovary, fallopian tubes, peritoneum, other organs etc.
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Freezing of eggs / sperm / embryos
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Tubal blockage

This is the obstruction of one or both the fallopian tubes. As tubes are the place where sperm and egg fertilize to form an embryo, their role is important in natural conception. Block of tubes on both sides will hinder this process.
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Why Ekam?

Personalized fertility care

Affordable pricing

Highly qualified doctors and embryologists

Evidence based treatments

Ethical and transparent treatment

State of the art technology

High success rates

Class 10,000 IVF laboratory


Thank you very much for the positive pregnancy result. I conceived after 11yrs and all thanks to Dr. Nischala madam. She is very very patient and knowledgeable. Listened to all our concerns and helped us a lot through out the treatment. Our dream has come true. Will highly recommend Dr. Nischala madam to anyone looking for infertility treatment.

Sia Naj


We were struggling with unexplained Infertility concerns for quite some time and after doing couple of rounds with different Fertility Hospitals in Hyderabad, we met Dr. Nischala and the way she assessed our case & explained the treatment process, which gave us the confidence and ray of hope to us. Following through treatment process under her supervision, we realized she takes her cases with full ownership, dedication, one step at a time and always ready to answer the questions we may have. Least to mention she is one of the Top Fertility Experts with wealth of experience, we have in Hyderabad city, she knows her subject in-and-out with multiple success stories. Always available on phone for any query, very friendly with cool and calm attitude, shows the right path with guidelines, provides options and most importantly a very good human being apart from being an expert in her field. We have been successful following her treatment and expecting our bundle of joys soon :-). Thankyou Dr. Nischala!! You are God’s sent Angel for us!! Highly recommend her.

Sajala Samindla


One of the best doctors in the city. We consulted her for our problems that we have been suffering from long time. She has always been patient and calm. Always explained us about the situation clearly. She has been very supportive and caring during the entire treatment. Thank you doctor for everything !!! I would highly recommend Dr. Nischala. 🙂

Manisha Yadav


Really happy with my experience when I visited Dr. Nischala. She heard & clarified all our queries. Her suggestions & treatment ensured I got the desired results.

Aditi Reddy


I highly recommend for want to be Moms. My cousin after long waiting from several years is carrying now and she took treatment from infertility centre treated by Nischala Màm. Good hospital services and good caring from Nischala garu and staff. Thank you so much.

Padma Reddy


I strongly recommend you to go with Nischala mam, quick check up, detailed explanation, calm and composed with minimum medicines, she is always available on time.

Sajitha Rao


Had good experience. Satisfied with the treatment. I am very thankful to Nischala mam. She explained everything clearly. Got good results for my issue and I highly recommended this doctor. Very friendly and patient.

Soumya Vemula


Visited over 20 Gynaecologists, before we could find Dr. Nischala, she gave us enough time and counseling to solve our issues. Kindness and Patience is most needed during this time that we received from her. She helped us in understanding the multiple options and treatment plans during infertility treatment. Highly recommend her for those trying to conceive. 

Ketaki Kumta


Visited for my sister. Very happy & satisfied with treatment. Highly recommend for any gynaec problems.

Bharat Raj 


Had to visit for my wife…. Very good experience. Doctor was very patient in listening to the complaint and gave sufficient time. I appreciate her ability to handle the patient. Highly recommended.

Vishnu Chaitanya

Helpful Answers


Couples are advised to consult a fertility expert if they are unable to achieve pregnancy after 1 year of unprotected intercourse. Consult after 6 months if the woman’s age is above 35yrs. If either of the partners has a known medical issue such as thyroid abnormality, PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids,etc consult a fertility expert right away to see how these can impact your fertility. 

Some basic tests are needed for all couples who are experiencing problems conceiving to know the cause. Some couples might need additional tests beyond these when needed. These will help us to ascertain the cause and plan a treatment course accordingly. The doctor will advise the same to you after your initial consultation.

Yes. The doctor will advise tests for male partner as well. 

Some couples might face problems getting pregnant for the second or subsequent time. This can be related or unrelated to the prior pregnancy/ delivery. There can be many causes for such secondary infertility. It is necessary to evaluate properly to know the cause and plan a treatment course accordingly. 

Around 1/3rd infertility cases are due to male factors and another 1/3rd are due to female factors. In the remaining 1/3rd cases, infertility is caused by a combination of problems in both partners or is unexplained, i.e, where there is no known cause.

Age of the female partner is probably one of the most important factors in determining fertility. As the age increases the egg quantity and quality falls, especially after 35yrs. Age plays a lesser role in men, but with age their semen parameters also decrease.

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