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Tubal blockage

This is the obstruction of one or both the fallopian tubes. As tubes are the place where sperm and egg fertilize to form an embryo, their role is important in natural conception. Block of tubes on both sides will hinder this process.

What causes Tubal Blockage?

Most common is infections such as genital tuberculosis or other infections (eg: Chlamydia, Gonococcus), Endometriosis, Previous pelvic surgeries causing adhesions and blocks.

How to diagnose Tubal Blockage?

Various tests can diagnose the blocks such as- HSG, SIS, USG to some extent, Laparoscopy

How does Tubal Blockage affect pregnancy?

It can cause infertility especially if block is on both sides. It also increases the risk of Ectopic pregnancies.

What is the treatment?

Treatment depends on the number and site of blocks.
IVF/ICSI can give a very good success rate in Tubal block cases.

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