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Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI)

IUI is a procedure in which a highly motile semen sample is placed into the uterus, as close to tubes as possible. This increases the chances of pregnancy. Sperms swim from the uterus to the tubes nearby and meet the egg in the tube to fertilize for a pregnancy.

Who needs IUI?
  1. Decrease in sperm count/motility (Mild Male factor)
  2. Mild endometriosis 
  3. Unexplained Infertility, who could not conceive naturally 
  4. PCOS patients where natural methods and medications failed 
  5. Cervical factors (In some women, cervix does not allow sperms to enter the uterus). 
  6. When donor sperm is needed (If husband has no sperms / male with major genetic disease, when indicated)

Follicular study is done for women, to time the release of egg. This involves 2 to 4 scans. On the day when ovulation occurs / egg is released, man’s semen sample is collected. It is washed to increase the count & motility. This best quality semen is placed in women’s uterus through an IUI catheter. It is a simple procedure lasting 5 to 10 mins. After this, 10 – 15 mins rest is needed & they can go home. Will know the result after 15 days, by a simple urine pregnancy test or blood test to confirm pregnancy.

Success rate:

Per cycle success rate varies between 10 to 20% depending on underlying conditions.


Simple, painless procedure, with absolutely no side-effects. Couples can go home 10-15 mins after the IUI procedure & resume their day to day activities as usual.

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