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Cryopreservation / Freezing

Cryopreservation (Freezing of eggs / sperm / embryos)

Egg Freezing:

This is a procedure where eggs are retrieved & frozen, for use at a later date.

Where is it indicated?
  • Women who want to conceive at a later date, but want to freeze their eggs when young (when the count & quality is best)
  • Women suffering from cancer & need to undergo chemotherapy/radiation, as these treatments can reduce the egg reserve.
  • Women who need to undergo surgeries which can damage the ovaries
  • Females with other chronic conditions (eg: endometriosis, etc) which can decrease fertility potential, but are planning pregnancy at a later date.
  • Egg donation: women who donate their eggs to other couples.
  • Women at risk of ovarian cancer (eg: BRCA mutations) & in whom ovary removal might be needed.

Women need to take hormonal injections for  9 to 12 days to grow follicles. When follicles are mature, egg retrieval is done under general anaesthesia. A needle is injected & the eggs are aspirated out. There will be no cuts or sutures & this is a safe procedure. Mature eggs are frozen.


Results depend on :

  • Age at which eggs are frozen
  • Number of mature eggs frozen
Sperm freezing:

Freezing of sperm, to use them at a later date.

  • Men with cancer & need to undergo chemotherapy/radiation, which can affect sperm count.
  • Men who are Azospermic (no sperms), but, sperms were obtained via testicular biopsy.
  • Men who live away/abroad from their partners, can freeze their sperms, so that their partners can undergo fertility treatments to conceive using their husband’s frozen sperm.
  • Donor sperm: donors are screened for viral infections & only when negative, their sperm are frozen & used after a quarantine period of 6 months. After 6 months, donors are screened again & only if everything is normal, their frozen sperms are used for other couples.

Blood tests (HIV, HbSAg, HCV, VDRL, etc) to rule out viral infections.

Semen sample given after abstinence of 3-4 days.

Sample is frozen in lab / bank.

Side-effects / Outcome:

It is a safe procedure. Sperms can be frozen up to many years & quality does not deteriorate with time when frozen.

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