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Couple Evaluation

A couple should meet an Infertility expert if they fail to conceive inspite of trying for 1 year.

If the age of woman is > 35 years or there are any known pre-existing medical problems, they have to consult sooner, i.e., after trying for only 6 months.

Once the couple visits us at Ekam Fertility & Women, both male and female partners will be evaluated. A detailed history will be taken & necessary basic tests will be done. The aim is to know the cause of their infertility. The couple will be counselled throughout regarding what might be the cause and what can be their future course of action. We give a highly personalised approach to each couple, involving them in the treatment options, at every step.

Female Partner Evaluation:
  • Ultrasound: An initial Pelvic ultrasound is done to know the egg count, uterus and if there are any other abnormalities.
  • Tests to know the ovarian reserve / egg count (AMH)
  • Tubal Evaluation: Tests to check if tubes are open or not.
  • Hormonal tests such as FSH, LH, Estrogen and Progesterone.
Male Partner Evaluation:
  • Semen Analysis: To check the sperm count, motility, morphology.
  • DFI, if needed.
  • General Examination by Andrologist.
  • Other tests like hormonal tests, scrotal ultrasound & scrotal doppler when required.
Make an Appointment

Whatsapp +91 85228 85092 or Call: 040-27000789  for appointment followed by consultation.

Timing: Monday – Saturday: 10am – 7pm; Sunday: On appointment basis.