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ERA (Endometrial Receptivity Assay)

ERA is a genetic test that involves checking if the Uterine lining is ready to accept an embryo for implantation.

Who needs ERA?
  • Couples with history of previous IVF failures / implantation failures.
  • To increase the success in IVF/ICSI

A sample of the endometrium(uterine lining) is obtained during the implantation window.This is done by a simple OPD procedure where a small Catheter is passed into uterus and suction created to get some tissue. This tissue is sent for testing.


We get a report that says if endometrium is receptive (ready for implantation) or non-receptive(not ready for implantation)
If report says receptive- We know at what time to transfer the embryo to get a successful pregnancy

If report says non-receptive- We have to repeat the test to get a receptive report, until the perfect implantation window is found.


Modern tests like ERA are a great hope for couple suffering from repeated implantation failures.

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